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Ansys Fluent 18.2.2

Running in parallel

Environment and Documentation

The command to set the Ansys environment is:
module load gnu7 impi ansys/18,2,2 for the + Intel MPI
module load gnu7 mvapich2 ansys/18.2.2 for the GNU Compiler + MVAPICH2 MPI
module load gnu7 mpich ansys/18.2.2 for the GNU Compiler + MPICH MPI
module load gnu7 impi ansys/18.2.2 for the GNU Compiler + Intel MPI

It's important to write also the /18.2.2 because this select the version number (there will be newer Ansys versions). If there are other compiler and/or other MPI loaded, you will receive an error message asking to unload the other modules before activating the full stack of compiler and MPI. These messages will suggest also the command to give to unload the modules. The best practice is to cleanup the environment by writing the command:

module purge that will unoad all modules

Then you can safely give the command to load the compiler, the MPI and Ansys. The order matters: before the compiler, then MPI and finally ansia.

The link to the documentation is:

Ansys Fluent command line

PBS jobfile

# Set Job execution shell
#PBS -S /bin/bash
# Set Job name: <jobname>=jobfluent 
#PBS -N job fluent
# Set the execution queue: <queue name> is one of 
# gandalf, merlino, default, morgana, covenant
#PBS -q <queue name>
# Set mail addresses that will receive mail from PBS about job
# Can be a list of addresses separated by commas (,)
#PBS -M < or email address only>
# Set events for mail from PBS about job
#PBS -m abe
# Job re-run (yes or no)
#PBS -r n
# Set standard output file 
#PBS -o jobfluent.out
# Set standard error file 
#PBS -e jobfluent.err
# Set request for N nodes,C (cores) per node
#PBS -l select=N:ncpus=C:mpiprocs=C
# Pass environment to job
# Change to submission directory
# Command to launch application and it's parameters
# Before you unload all modules and then load the Compiler + desired MPI + Ansys environment
module purge
module load gnu7 impi ansys/18.2.2
echo "---------------------------------------------------------------------"
echo  "---Starting job at: `date`"
echo "------Current working directory is `pwd`"
np=$(wc -l < $PBS_NODEFILE)
echo "------Running on ${np} processes (cores) on the following nodes:"
echo "----Parallel fluent run"
fluent <3ddp|2ddp> -g -t<N*C> -mpi=<openmpi|intel|mpich2> -i <my_input_file_name> -cnf=$PBS_NODEFILE > run.out
echo "-----job finished at `date`"
echo "---------------------------------------------------------------------"

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